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Thread: Does ArtRage 5 support Photoshop brushes or...?

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    Question Does ArtRage 5 support Photoshop brushes or...?

    Last week, I read that ArtRage 5 supports Photoshop brushes, and I have literally spent an ENTIRE WEEK downloading the best *totally* free for *any* usage Photoshop brushes I could find. I did it in a highly organized, and very time consuming manner.

    I've spent the entirety of the day trying to use what little YouTube support I could find for importing all of these brushes into ArtRage 5, and I'm literally banging my head against the wall. The "Import Photoshop Brush" GUI is NOT provided anywhere in ArtRage 5, and I have to ask why this is...? In the videos I've consulted, it's there, and now it's not.

    All of the file types that I downloaded are .abr - this is all that I could find from the various Photoshop sources. AR5 does not "see" this file type unless I select for the display filter "All Files." At that point, all of the .abr files that I decompressed/copied over show up, but when I select one, nothing happens.

    What is going on?

    To say that I'll probably lose my mind if the .abr file type is no longer supported will be an epic understatement. The time that I invested in this endeavor is ENORMOUS, and I've read ArtRage postings saying that Photoshop brushes ARE supported and I've seen them easily imported and used in AR4 tutorial videos.

    Any detailed help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Sorry I do not have an answer for you but hopefully the link below may help

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    Hard to know what the problem is. Try downloading this zip of brushes for photoshop The zip contained these files -
    Name:  brushes.JPG
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    I was able to install the first .abr file into AR but not CS6.abr. Try this and see what result you get and we may have some idea of what is happening.

    Sticker Spray Presets
    Name:  brush.jpg
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    The sticker spray in ArtRage allows the importation of Photoshop brushes.

    Select the sticker spray
    Open the preset panel
    Click the menu button at the top right of this panel and choose 'Import Photoshop brush'
    You can then browse to the .abr file you want to import
    Note: Only bitmap based Photoshop brushes will work with ArtRage

    If you have any problems at all, please feel free to email me at [email protected] with the details, I'll be happy to help.

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