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Thread: Why I can't see the cursor; offer to upload sample file.

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    Why I can't see the cursor; offer to upload sample file.

    I previously posted about this; it was moved to suggestions. Now I have an urgent problem, so I'm posting as a problem. I fully understand if it is moved to Suggestions.

    I am attempting to work on a background I created in acrylic on canvas, size 36"x48". I took a photo of the image and saved it as a tif. I would like to upload the tif to Artrage support, because I think it reveals a particular problem with the Artrage cursors, except for "tool", which I find intrusive.

    The problem is that some painted patterns can act as camouflage for the cursor. Against these patterns, one would think one could see it , but can't. In tests, I turn my head slightly, move the cursor onto the background, and it's gone! Only the pen brings it back, and then I've painted something I didn't want to paint.

    Another program I use, Affinity Photo, is hardly a competitor to Artrage, but it has a basic brush tool, and a cursor, which is similar but different from the Artrage cursor. Below 16px, the Affiniity cursor adds crosshairs. So does Artrage, but Affintiy has a more effective pattern of light/dark contrast enhancement, and greater size.

    I can find the Affinity cursor on my background. I can't find the Artrage cursor on the same background.

    I think that if Artrage support were to take a look at my background, they might decide to make some very minor changes in their cursor that would solve the problem.

    In the meantime, I'll have to find another way other than Artrage to paint on my canvas. Sob! Maybe I'll try Affinity Photo, or Gimp.

    The tif is 45 megs. Let me know.

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    Could you take the same image from your camera/phone and save it as jpeg instead? Maybe try and decrease the size of the image some? TIF is the largest file format (I think) and ArtRage may be having troubles with memory using such a large image. I am just throwing something out there.

    Are you using the image as a tracing or have you imported the image into a new layer? Can you take a screen print of what it looks like and post that?
    Robert Hopkins

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    Artrage is not having the problem. The cursor is always there. There is no malfunction.

    It is strictly a human factors issue, that becomes troublesome with certain textures and color values.

    The process of taking a picture and compressing to jpg is a form of signal processing that would interfere with proper diagnosis.

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    If you go into Preferences > Cursors, then check the 'magnify precise cursor' box, does that help in this situation?

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    That's the way I have it. It's like a crumb on a carpet. You can see it if you look at it, but try to find it later.

    This is a human factors issue involving spatial frequencies. On a lightly textured background, it's relatively easy to find.On a background that contains similar spatial frequencies to the cursor itself, it is very difficult. The Affinity cursor is not that different, but they chose a slightly different method of contrast enhancement. But it could be even better. The cursor could change modes when the pen is not near. it could have a contrasting color. For my particular background, Day-glo orange for an inactive cursor would be the perfect solution.

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    If you'd like to send me the file, please feel free to email me a screenshot to [email protected]

    Please crop the screenshot down a bit around the area of the cursor, then email me a png, that'll avoid any issues with getting a 45mb file.

    There aren't any other settings relating to cursors other than the three cursor types and the enlarged precise cursor, but it's always good to have the feedback.

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