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    I stumbled upon this program thu artists blogs, tried it and bought it six hours later. I am adept at photoshop and illustrator but always seemed to struggle with painter. With that said, I love this program so far!! So easy to use and little learning curve. I just can't wait to keep trying new things with it. So far my only concern is that you have to pick a file size in pixels rather than in inches (hey! That's what I'm used to.), lack of a blending brush (but so far noticed that I can just lower the loading on the oil brush or use the palette knife too.) and that the files are only saved at 72dpi. Would really love that last one to be pumped up to at least 300.

    Here is my first practice painting.
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    very of my fav movies

    There's a suggestion section, where you can suggest stuff to the software guys......and from what I read..they are working on updates
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    Welcome to the forum, jonjpinto.
    The DPI setting will be available in the next release of ArtRage - which is due out very soon now!
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    Had some time to play more with the program. Love it even more!
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    hey, you are really good!
    welcome to the forum.You'll love it here.
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    hanzz is right, that looks indeed very good!



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    I feel honored that you even looked at my pic let alone comment on it. I have been looking at all your stuff and read your tutorials this past weekend so I need to thank you for all of your help.

    ...and just so everyone knows, I didn't get the Tarzan drawing out of a book. I did actually draw it. I work in the Orlando area and although I don't work directly for Disney, I do provide them with art.

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    Thanks maror. I really appreciate that.

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    jonjpinto- Looking good there. I like very much that you are taking advantage of the tools natural tendency to impart texture to the surface. Your color tones and sense of dimension are good too. Fun stuff.
    Be well,

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    Thanks David. Love your work and thanks for your glazing tutorial.

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