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Thread: Record in wrong orientation

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    Question Record in wrong orientation

    Hi, I have tried recording in android for the first time. I thought everything was okay until I played it back on my pc. It's played in portrait mode when it should have been in landscape mode. Is there a way to fix that or to ensure that it won't happen again?

    What I know: I had my android tablet in landscape orientation - ArtRage's interface indicated that it was in landscape orientation too.

    What I have tried: Added rotation 90 line in the beginning of script, but all it did is rotate the canvas itself, but the script still does it as if it was in portrait orientation.

    So my questions again:
    - Is there a way to tell it to rotate the whole thing back to the landscape mode?
    - Is there a way to ensure that it won't happen again?

    Thank you in advance for your help, much appreciated!

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    ArtRage rotates the canvas to fit the device when you open a painting so it's possible that the painting was created in portrait orientation, but adjusted the canvas to fit the longest edge of the device when opened so appeared landscape. There isn't a way to make the script play back at a different orientation to the one it was recorded in, but after it has finished playing back you can rotate the painting (not just the canvas) using the Rotate options in the ArtRage Edit Menu. The canvas rotation you applied at the start of the script just rotates the painting surface, not the final image itself.

    We'll look at ways we can more clearly indicate the actual orientation of the painting when you create it for a future update.

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