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Thread: Multitouch not working with pen pressure

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    Multitouch not working with pen pressure

    I use ArtRage 5 on Mobile Studio Pro 13 and to use multitouch gesture function, I have to turn off wintab in input device setting.
    But when I turn off wintab, the pen pressure is not detect too.
    I usually set turn on realtime stylus while wintab is off, sometimes it works, it can detect both pen pressure and multitouch gsture at the same time.
    But when I go use other program for a while then get back to ArtRage (without closing ArtRage, just minimize it), it doesn't detect pen pressure again and I have to turn on/off these setting again and again while sometimes works, sometimes don't.
    Please fix it.

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    Can you please email us the details at [email protected]? We'll need to do some troubleshooting with you to best understand the problem.

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