I love ArtRage on the iPad and recently been using it more often. Thanks for making it work so good with Apple Pencil!

What drives me nuts though is the annoying "Touch projection On" message that appears when I touch with my finger. I have finger painting disabled obviously and I use the Apple Pencil. But I really don't think it's necessary to display that message everytime I try to zoom and rotate the canvas and I touch one finger before that other. It appears quite often... And if I know that I already disabled the finger input , I don't need to keep being reminded.
Please allow the user to disable these pop-ups. - maybe an option in preferences.
Same with the Zoom level pop up, I think it can be useful some times but it's really not that necessary and If you allow users to disable those poping-up the experience will be much more pleasant and feel more natural.
These pop-ups really take away from the natural painting on canvas feeling.

Again thanks for developing this app it's really great. love all the natural tools and layer functions.