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Thread: Feature Requests: Cursor Finder, Zoom to fit

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    Feature Requests: Cursor Finder, Zoom to fit

    I have three displays, two non-touch LCDs, and one Wacom Cintiq. Within the Artrage window, I prefer an inconspicuous cursor for drawing. When the pen is moved to the display, the position of the cursor becomes obvious. When the pen is not active, it can be extremely hard to find the cursor. The optimum cursor for drawing is not the optimum cursor for finding, or mouse use. Outside of Artrage, Windows provides wide a variety of cursor options.

    So the "can't find the cursor" problem occurs when:
    1. The last activity was drawing with the cursor.
    2. The new activity involves using the mouse to move the cursor to a non-touch display.

    One solution would be this behavior: A time-out, of 15-30 seconds after the last use of the pen. The cursor would take a very obvious appearance.
    Use of the mouse is detected. (Most users do not draw with the mouse if they have pen display.)

    The garish cursor would transform back to one of the current Artrage cursor selections when the pen is detected.

    Second feature request: "Zoom to fit", as implemented by Adobe and others. And zoom presets.

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

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