We have just released ArtRage for Android v1.3 to the Google Play Store, other stores will follow shortly. This update includes new features and enhancements to the interface to make it easier to use, and solves some problems found since the previous update. We hope you enjoy the new toys!

New Features:

  • We added new color pickers: The Tint/Tone Picker for artistic colour choices, the Precise Colour picker for precision color choices, and a range of RGB pickers.
  • The size of canvas grain and the opacity of the canvas can now be adjusted.
  • We added transparency locks and bump blend modes to the layers.
  • We added grouping functionality to presets for easier organisation.
  • You can now export single layers.
  • We added canvas size presets so you can save and retrieve commonly used size settings.
  • You can now rotate the canvas during painting.
  • You can now resize the ArtRage Window on devices that support this.
  • You can now rotate, delete, and share your painting from the Gallery.
  • Feedback and rating options are now available directly from the Settings menu.
  • And we made a bunch of improvements to the interface to make the product easier to use, including merging References and Tracing in to a single panel, combining tool preset selection in to the Settings panel, adjusting the layout of the New Painting panel and more.


  • Fixed a problem that could cause input offset issues on Note 8 and Chromebooks.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur using the Precise Panel setting.
  • Applied fixes for layout in split screen situations.
  • Fixed a crash with sharing on Android 8.
  • Fixed a tap and hold sampler bug that could cause undo problems.
  • Fixed multiple preset windows spawning when the preset button was tapped rapidly.
  • Fixed a number of layout, display, and crash problems that could occur after rotating the device.
  • Fixed some colour and size problems when exporting images.
  • Gallery display fixes.
  • Minor fixes to color sampling.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented exported media showing up as soon as it was exported.
  • Made numerous minor changes to interface items to make things clearer and solve some display problems on various devices.