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Thread: DOs - SquareMess Brushes (brushes 1-5 of 8)

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    DOs - SquareMess Brushes (brushes 1-5 of 8)

    My homage to Square Canvas 2 brush of ArtRage5, but messy and loose.

    Uses custom heads and grains: 6 brushes and 2 blenders.

    Enjoy the mess!

    Brushes 1-5 of 8

    version 0


    EDIT: In case this was not clear these are custom brushes for ArtRage 5
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    Thanks for posting Man!

    Here is a trick for you...

    If you have that "other" iPad art software, the one that "Nikolai" uses, then you can download your favorite art brushes from that art forum; extract the grains from their brushes and save the images as png files in that software. Pull them into ArtRage and "BAM" you have some great grains to use. My favorite brush maker there is Abbie. She makes great brushes. A few years ago she made me some pastel brushes and they are wonderful to use in their software. If they made a desktop software I would really consider using it much more.

    Now that ArtRage has Custom brushes it is now "somewhat" easy to move brushes between software. There are some really great brush makers over at the other forum. I wish we had such an active forum to create resources for our beloved ArtRage software.
    Robert Hopkins

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