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Thread: Unknown symbol in layer panel

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    Unknown symbol in layer panel

    Hi there,

    recently there is a strange symbol in the layer panel and I don't know what it means.
    My problem is: When I add a new layer and fill it with a pattern, the pattern does not show
    in the layer icon - it still shows the transparancy pattern. When I set this layer to overlay, the
    strange symbol occurs. I'll try to attach a picture of the symbol, hope it works.

    I appreciate any hints and suggestions.
    Thanx in advance.
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    That symbol just means the layer has a blend mode applied to it

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    Thank you Lord Whinknshire for your answer.

    The strange thing about this is, that it didn't occur before.
    When I watch a video tutorial and they have their layers set to a different blend mode than normal, this symbol is not shown.
    Is there a way to get rid of it?

    Also, when I add another layer and fill it with a pattern, the pattern is not visible in the layer icon. But when I tip with my stylus on the canvas it suddenly
    show up.

    Very strange.....

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    OK. My mistake.
    I only used the "normal" layer mode so far - this is why I haven't seen this symbol before.
    In video tutorials with ArtRage 5 this icon also occurs when a different blend mode is used.
    i just was a bit confused because I couldn't find this symbol in the ArtRage manuals or software

    Thanx anyway...

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    Hi Jogi,

    Regarding the problem you were having with fill patterns now showing up in the layer panel, here's what I would normally expect to see:

    To fill a layer with a pattern, select the fill tool, open the settings panel and click the pattern tab.
    At this point, clicking on the canvas fills the current layer with your pattern.
    If the layer panel is open, it should update when you first click on the canvas and the pattern fill appears.

    If you're seeing something else, can you let me know? It's possible that there's something unexpected going on here, so it'd be good to look into it!
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