I have recorded many paintings that I created on my iPad and am trying to play them on my desktop to create larger scale art for printing. When I go to play the script, I am able to increase the print size and the dpi but how do I save it in that format? Do I let the entire script play and then "save as"? When I have tried that it seems to default back to the original scale that the art was created in from my ipad. I have read the online manual an it says "if you opt to play back the script at a custom size you are provided with full control over the sizing of the new file as per the new file dialog. This allows you to set the size in pixels or screen units." It also mentioned that you can use this process to save the art at different sizes but I can not seem to figure out how to save the art at a larger size with a higher dpi after playing the script. Please help. Thank you!!!!!