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Thread: Can't upload

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    Hi, seems like a good request, I have added those additional attachment formats. Try it now. An example below...

    This download includes custom inking presets for the Gloop Pen, Airbrush, Watercolor Brush, Felt Pen, and Ink Pen.

    Inking Preset for ArtRage 5 (arpack):
    Inking Presets for ArtRage 5.arpack

    Under ArtRage 5 - Go to File > Install Package File and browse to the .arpack file to install the presets.

    Inking Presets (artbx):
    Inking Presets.artbx

    1. After installing the package file, go to View > Toolbox Panel.
    2. Open the menu in the Toolbox and choose 'Load Toolbox'.
    3. Browse to the .artbx file to open it

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    Hello WebRage:

    I have 8 brushes now in my brushpack, each is 140-190kb and when I export from ArtRage in an arpack it comes to 1.5 Mb.

    Would it be possible to up the limit on .prs filesize? (or even maybe arpack filesize?)

    I would try to share it using a third party cloud service but there would be no guarantee the link wont break or files go missing.

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    Unfortunately we've tried raising the limit before and it causes slowdowns on the forums so we're not able to do that right now. Thanks for sharing your brushes, sorry we can't expand the upload size limit!

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    There's always the option to include links to file storage/cloud services! I just hope someone likes the brushes... cheers!

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