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Thread: Cave Hunter WIP - Critique

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    Cave Hunter WIP - Critique

    After seeing tinzo's tutorial I decided to try to use some of the concepts to create a painting with more depth. Here is my practice for today - still a work in progress as I try to figure out a few things with lighting, the water, color and so on ...

    Click for full image ...

    I have to add color to his back, add the missing thumb on the torch hand among other things. Suggestions on anything, paintovers and so on all appreciated as I want to get better as fast as I can (aside from personal enjoyment I need more marketable skills).


    Reflection on the water and light on the wall - I can go with a layer with low opacity but can anyone explain how I would do this traditionally ie in real paint (no layers)? When I try to just paint the light yellow onto the darker colors it gets muddy. If I intensify it I kill the detail of stuff under the water.

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    More practice. Think I will do something with simpler lighting next time, not sure how to handle it here -torch light, ice walls, and water running on the floor all reflecting. Love to hear from a pro how you plan lighting for something like this.

    Click for Full Image

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    For reflections and light you can use a very light eraser, or crayon/chalk.

    If you have the free one you can't do these two, but LAYERS and change the setting to tint or overlay
    or turn on autodry on the paint setting so it doesn't mix.
    you could also try metallic shades.

    layers work best, though.

    If it was real paint you would wait until it dried or paint that area a different colour to start with. Stubble - a little paint on a dry brush, or very water as a 'wash'.

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    Thanks for the feedback, may play with this one some more.

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