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Thread: Plug-in's for Artrage 5

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    Plug-in's for Artrage 5

    Hey everyone recently I have been looking into 2d animation. I Have watched an artist recently on YouTube (Leffie) who uses artrage to do the frames of the animation then exports each layer as png before going into a gif animator and sticking them all together. How would you go about writing a plugin for animation? What would you need to do? Basically all I would want is the frame timeline (I think it's called I may be completely wrong) and a way to roll through the layers at different speeds without turning each one on and off or going to another program. How would one go about writing a plugin? There is the pen only toolbar plugin for Artrage. does anyone know how it was made?

    Sorry about long post,
    But thanks in advance

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    Hello! Sorry for the delay in replying.

    While you can use some Photoshop plugins with ArtRage, we don't have our own plugin system. The pen only toolbar is a standalone program which basically floats over the ArtRage window, and my understanding is that it allows you to trigger keypress events with the tablet which are then picked up by ArtRage.

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    There are some custom scripts that will help you create animations, although they will not completely replace a separate program.

    See for scripts to preview animations (slideshow) and mass export your layers.

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    I'm the guy who developed the now-quite-outdated Pen-Only Toolbar. DaveRage's description of how it works in the post above is correct.

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