Hello LyndaleBay and welcome to the ArtRage forums
One of the things I liked most about ArtRage when I first encountered it was itís apparent simplicity.
In the real world all you have to do to get started is grab a sheet of paper pickup a pencil or something and start making marks. And the ArtRage philosophy echos this.
When you launch AR you are presented with a default blank sheet ready and waiting so now just pick a tool, a pencil, a brush, whatever and start making marks.
Yes, there are deeper complexities to the software but you donít need to know all of it before you can start. Just have fun exploring things
If you have questions ask away here on the forums, someone will always help!
And remember there are no stupid questions! Everyone here at one time or another knew nothing about this software, digital art or indeed art per say. We have all learned what we know by asking questions.