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Thread: iPad Pro + Duet Display (pro) + ArtRage, does it work?

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    iPad Pro + Duet Display (pro) + ArtRage, does it work?

    Hi everyone! I知 new here Just downloaded latest ArtRage (demo) and hooked up iPad via Duet Display (pro). As I知 drawing with the Apple Pencil I知 only getting dots. That is just one dot, as soon as Pencil makes contact with the screen. When I知 sliding the Pencil nothing happens. I tried with the MS Paint and there it draws lines.

    Anyone tried this? Please let me know what I知 doing wrong. Thanks!

    Oops, after restarting computer and iPad a couple of times now it works, now how do I delete this post lol
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    I'm glad to hear restarting helped! I can delete the post for you, but it might help someone else, so I'll leave it up if you don't mind either way?

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