I am very new to AR and love the program. Although I am not a trained artist, I am currently using AR to experiment with abstract art. As a part of the process, I am utilizing various modes and transformations, applying those in many cases to other AR images I am importing into layers. I am assuming that AR could be classified as a "bit map" program (like PhotoShop as opposed to vector like Illustrator) since a resolution is set when creating a canvas. That being said, what happens to the resolution of an image or portion of an image when you use transform on a layer or portion of a layer and increase the size of what is being transformed? Will the area being transformed pixelate? I am especially concerned if and when I ever have an AR image printed. It would seem to me any area which is enlarged would become increasingly distorted as you increase the size. Am I thinking straight on this question? Thanks for any guidance anyone can provide and any suggestions on how to deal with using transformations to minimize or eliminate any problems which might result from using transformations in AR.