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Thread: Custom Brush and Paint Symmetry??

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    Custom Brush and Paint Symmetry??

    So I made a few custom brushes (with the custom brush tool in ar5) to make drawing mandalas a little quicker. But when I used them, a strange thing happened. The brush doesn't rotate with paint symmetry, so it looks perfect in the segment I drew in and then it's rotated in all the other segments.

    In this picture, I used a custom brush to make '0's. Three are stacked. In different areas it's flipped differently (especially the bottom) but I really wanted them to all look the same.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Okay, there are at least two things related to rotation that can cause problems with Paint Symmetry: dab rotation and tilt.

    Dab rotation (randomly changing the direction of the dab in the stroke) is completely random and does not care about symmetry or anything else.

    Tilt does respond to symmetry, but it will be mirrored, so you may get a mirror image shape with tilt coming from the other direction. In your case, I would guess that either tilt is the issue or you are drawing with 'rotational' instead of 'mirrored' symmetry (it looks like you used mirrored, but I can only draw ovals like that using rotational symmetry).

    If that doesn't solve it for you, I will need to know which custom brush preset (or customised settings) and which symmetry options you are using so I can test it properly.

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