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Thread: Artrage 5 Stylus tilt detection

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    Artrage 5 Stylus tilt detection

    Hello everyone

    I hope you guys can answer me this quick questions.

    I have a Wacom bamboo create, it does not have stylus tilt. Eventually, i am planning to get a tablet with stylus tilt detection, and I was curious to how it performs on the ArtRage 5 software.


    the palate Knife tool has a lock rotation option that you can set to give you the angle of the stroke you would like to use. I was wondering if Stylus tilt on Artrage will mimic the same behavior? I find it a bit tedious to constantly having to go back and forth and edit the rotation angle. It kind of intterupts the rythem and flow you get when you are deeply connected to your painting and is a little bit not intutitve.

    I was hoping that the stylus tilt will mimic such behavior so that I am freely able to adjust my stroke angels with just the tilt of my stylus like if I was painting with a palette knife.

    If this is not how it functions in ARtrage5, then can you guys please explain to m how it works within the software? thank you for your time :].


    New question:
    Parblo Island A609 9 x 6 inches Digital Graphic Tablet

    Is this tablet compatible with ArtRage5?
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