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Thread: Can no longer draw while canvas is flipped horizontally or vertically

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    Can no longer draw while canvas is flipped horizontally or vertically

    Hi All.

    I've just updated to version 5.0.6 and I can no longer pan, zoom or draw while the screen is flipped (via the 'H' or 'V' keys).

    Working while the canvas is flipped is something I use a lot in my workflow, so I'm hoping this feature has simply been turned off by default rather than removed, and that some kind soul can tell me which settings I need to diddle with in order to turn it back on.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Transform tool allows flipping.

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    I'm afraid it was removed intentionally. It was never supposed to work that way, and apparently caused a lot of background issues.

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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    I'm a little disappointed to hear that it's been removed, as it made directional hatching and correcting perspectives quick and easy, although I obviously understand that software stability has to take preference. Could I humbly ask the dev team to look at ways of re-implementing it in a future release?

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    It's on the suggestions list, but it was never intentionally added, it only stuck around this long because nobody ever reported it as a bug. There are a lot of issues with the fact it worked at all, so there may not be a good way to re-add it. But we will certainly be considering it for the future.

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    Hello Infinatepixel,
    Perhaps my post in another thread might be of help as a workaround for you:
    Also my last post in that thread explains why using the transform tool always flips my paintings around the true centre of the canvas:
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    Thanks for the tip markw, that worked a treat.

    I've gotten so used to my tablet layout that I forget I can alter the keybinds on it. One of the lesser used function is now set to transform all

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