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    eduardobedoya ArtRage5 wishlist

    Hi, I've been painting with ArtRage5, n I would like to post here the things imho are very important to have in ArtRage new update(in orther of importance)
    hope this post reachs ArtRage develop team, I would appreciate it a lot, thx advanced...

    1. I usually toggle between hide/show the scrap, the ref Img, n the View, but I would like to be able to have a hotkey for each of them, I just can show/hide all of them at same time, also pleasee make the Ref View a proper window that could be maximized in a secondary screen cuz currently the "stick needle" at its top doesn't allow me to resize the view in the hole secondary screen.

    2. I has finally get used to work with the "docking mode" it was kinda hard to me, but one thing I can't workaround is bring the "Corner Color Picker" when woring in docking mode, I use the "Color Picker"(previously know as the precise color picker) docked in my panel, but usually I need to bring a floating color picker in the center of the screen, I has use the "Corner Color Picker" for doing that task for ages, now I can't do it anymore in ArtRage5. I don't use the actual "floating color picker" for several reasons, it is not an option really. please could you enable again the "Corner Color Picker" to be shown (by pressing a hotkey) again in Docking Mode.

    3. also when docking the "Color Picker" into panel, it can only show either the RGBLSH sliders or the pallete itself, but not both at same time, it would be nice to have a third option to show both at same time, it would then show the color pallete at the top n the RGBLSH sliders at the bottom without changing the width of the dock panel, that would be reeeally nice.

    4. In my opinion Mask, Magic Wand, n Selection should be different tools, not just toolTypes, meaning each one can have its own hotkey, cuz I usually have to manually change the ToolTypes by clicking on the tabs, wich is daunting if is repeated several times.

    5. a little GUI button or sign that could be shown all the time if "RealColorBlending" is ON or OFF (I mean without having to click on the Corner Color Picker n see if it is checked or not), like other tool settings(insta dry, square head, etc) would be very much appreciated.

    Now I report two bugs...

    1. ArtRage5 on windows8.1 allways crash when using airbrush tool (in color blend mode) or clone tool in a file of 7000px x 9000px canvas with 3 layers, only if the layer's "Add Blend Mode" is "Replace"

    2. "New Preset" shortcut doesn't work in Warp Tool, I thought it would add a new Warp Tool Preset.
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