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Thread: Clipping Masks and Layer Masking, please

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    Another vote of support for clipping/layers masks - they make the process of creating multi-layered images much more streamlined and would mesh well with the workflows of many users of other art/design software. Another way they're really useful is that they're editable on the fly too, something which stencil creation isn't. Want to make an area quickly visible or masked, paint in some white or black on the layer mask - simple. Use shades of grey for variable transparency - great. Being able to lock or unlock them is really useful too - unlock the layer and reposition the masked content only, lock it to reposition the mask and content. I can't overstate how useful these sort of functions are. You just can't do this simply and quickly using stencils. Using other layers for selections works but can lead to the creation of needless amounts of layers. So yeah, pretty please...

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    Though I'm new to ArtRage ... I'll surely add a vote for mask features.

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    I'd like to expand to masking request for a alpha masking layer sort of thing like GIMP has.

    Looks something like this. Basically attachs a alpha channel onto the layer, and with the mix from black-white, determines how much is visible.

    I might be a bit of a niche, but I like to use Artrage for making textures for 3d models, downside though is sometimes I need a transparent spot for it, and with the lack of a alpha layer I can set up.
    I've had to get a bit creative by making the "alpha" part just a greyish blob in the shape I want, and then set a light blend on it, and merge it down onto a empty layer below and then turn the rest under transparent.

    Also here's an example of what I've done. All the textures [minus the floor] I made in Artrage.
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    Every layer in ArtRage has its own alpha channel, so anywhere on the layer that there is not paint, there's 'alpha 0', a hole. If you set canvas opacity to 0% you should see alpha checkers underneath any area with no paint.

    We don't have specifically assignable alpha masks for layers due to this, it's all part of the layer itself, so in the bird example above you'd basically have to delete the paint outside the bird and the bird would effectively be alpha masked. Some of the selection tools and the Color Matte filter may help with this.

    Where you're painting a grey blob and setting a blend mode to remove it in merge, just delete the paint and that should do the same job. Note that when you export a Layer (rather than the whole image) to a format such as PNG that supports transparency, the alpha mask is automatically included.

    I may have misunderstood the original request but I think that should cover the kind of functionality you're after. Hope that helps!

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    That is only a little workaround. What realy would improve the software would be to have layer Groups that have a masking layer. Pleaseee your customers need you...

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    I agree..if Artrage had clipping mask, there would be no need to use Photoshop for painting.

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    Just adding my two cents: Clipping masks. Please. Pretty please.

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    I fully support the request

    i too think layer mask is a must for a software that is this robust

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    Yep... still (too)

    bumping this up again

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    I would also love to see this too.

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