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Thread: How do I import content

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    How do I import content

    I have not figured out how to start a new thread?
    How do I import material from files, new canvas etc?

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    Which version of ArtRage are you using? Can you describe what you are trying to do? I can give you precise directions once I know exactly what you need.

    There are lots of ways to import material, and the steps depend on the edition you are using, but to give you an idea:

    You can import images from File > Import... on the desktop version and from the Gallery in mobile versions, as well as importing new images as layers from the layer menu. This lets you choose whether to start a new painting using your imported image or just add it to your existing painting. You can copy and paste into ArtRage and drag files onto the program. You can import Reference and Tracing images from those menus and use those images as guides, rather than part of the painting.

    You will need to import any image that is *not* an ArtRage (.PTG) painting, but you can open your saved paintings using File > Open and browsing to where you last saved them. On a mobile app you just go to the Gallery instead.

    You can start a new thread by clicking on the section of the forum that you want to post in and looking up in the top left above all the posts for the 'Post To Thread' button.

    I have moved your comment to a new thread, and updated your username so it does not display your email publically. If you would like it changed to something else, just let me know (in the thread or via PM or at [email protected])

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