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Thread: Symmetry Bug

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    Symmetry Bug

    When I'm drawing with symmetry in ar5, it does this strange thing where if I overlap the lines, it cuts out the 'lower' line so there's space between them instead of normal overlapping in ar4.5. Then if I draw on top of that and undo, the space where I drew on top is gone too! I'm sure I'm not explaining this very well so I recorded it (too big to upload here) but it's really frustrating. I opened a wip I started in ar4.5 in ar5 to finish today, and it's such a mess I have to go back to ar4.5 to actually finish the piece....

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    Sorry to hear you're having problems. It looks like you're using the ink pen, is that correct?
    Could you open the settings panel for the tool you're using, and let me know which settings you're using? ( all the slider values and which boxes are checked )
    That should help me to narrow down what's causing this.
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