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Thread: Surface Pro 4 - Win 10 - ArtRage 5 - Pinch Zoom

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    Surface Pro 4 - Win 10 - ArtRage 5 - Pinch Zoom

    When I try to pinch zoom in and out, it works reliably maybe 5% of the time. Most of the time it either does nothing, or I end up drawing.

    I never, ever use my fingers to draw, ever. I only use the stylus.

    How can I get pinch zoom to work (without drawing)?

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    This sounds like something we'll need to troubleshoot with you directly.

    Could you email us directly at and if the email, let us know the following information:
    -Version of Windows you're using
    -Whether you have any additional tablet drivers installed, other than the ones that shipped with your device
    -Version of ArtRage you're using
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