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Thread: Anybody tried Rebelle2?

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    Anybody tried Rebelle2?

    I am always looking at new software and I am wondering if anyone has tried Rebelle2?
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    I have! In terms of watercolor blending, it's second to none and the ink and colored pencil play nicely too, as does the eraser. Very realistic. The 2nd iteration mainly adds more brushes and brush settings, as well as better PSD support + stencils but in my opinion, is not a huge upgrade over 1: Rebelle 1 does everything just as good in the same department, if you're just looking for what it offers.

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    Here's an image I made a study in Rebelle with, and I used some actual watercolor textures to blend into the colors I laid down there.
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    Rebelle 2 did add an entire new brush engine. Before you could only do limited things in creating your own brushes but now you can add dabs and grains to your brush and have a whole lot more flexibility. The newest upgrade 2.1 (i think) also adds folders to the default groups so within oils, you can have oils 1 oils 2 etc for subcategories. Just playing with the latest upgrades now

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