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Thread: iOS 9 compatibility?

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    iOS 9 compatibility?

    I've inherited an old iPad 3 that can't run iOS 10+. If I buy the current version of the ArtRage app through iTunes on my Mac, will I be able to download the last compatible version to the iPad? If I can, will my Wacom Bamboo Sketch stylus work with it? Art Rage has been my favourite drawing program for years, and I'd love to have it on mobile!

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    Hi Meeks. While we have made sure that ArtRage for iOS is available for older devices so that people can still download the older version they purchased earlier, I'm not sure that Apple's policies allow people to purchase the new version then download the older version on to an iOS 9 device.

    I'd recommend contacting iTunes support first to see if this will be possible. I hope this helps!

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