I am a new artist, just bought artrage for iPad and was wondering if you can help me a bit with the canvas sizing.
The iPad pro a cep 4096x4096 max setting in artrage . I have heard I can use the script recording to export the finished painting to a desktop version of artrage, to increase size of canvas.

But my confusion comes here. I have not gotten the slightest idea what setting to put in the iPad version when I paint, if I'd like to print it big ,like poster size or even bigger, at the end?

When I set it to 4096x4096 the strokes of the brushes are so tiny and poor that it is not fun to paint that way.

My question is if I can set it to smaller size than 4096x4096 , like the default one ( something around 1000x700) and with ticking the script recording on, to be able to increase its size later on in the desktop version, without compromising the quality?

Or must I set it to 4096x4096 if bigger painting is what I'm looking for?

Thank you so much in advance for any input