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Thread: New here need help please

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    New here need help please

    Hello everyone. I'm new here. thank you in advance for the help I seek. I'm not a real pro so I'm learning things as I go. I need help with something basic. something I've done many times in other programs but cant figure out how in this program.

    I want to draw straight lines (horizontal or vertical) from my mouse from point to point. so the first cross hair is clicked and the second point is clicked and it creates a straight line. OR if I want to create a line draw of a box, circle, etc. just dragging my mouse. can anyone help me please. Thank you

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    Hello VIctorH and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    OK for strait lines you have several choices;
    1: Key Combo: Hold down cmd(Mac) or ctrl(Windows) and then left click and draw across the canvas to where you want the line to go. Let go of the left click and you have a strait line.
    2: Use the default Ruler, found in the Stencils Panel under ‘Rulers’. Once you’ve activated one, right click on it and set it to Guide mode where upon it will turn blue to signify that it’s in Guide mode.
    3: If you are working with Guides, Grids, or the Perspective Rig you can turn on Snapping which will snap your tool to the lines you have setup with them.
    For Circles you will need to use the Circle stencil found in the Stencils Panel.
    Again set it to Guide mode as per the Ruler above. To quickly adjust it’s size while working, hold down the cmd/ctrl key, left click on the stencil and drag left or right to resize.
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    markw has pretty much covered it, but here's a guide to drawing straight lines that might help:

    You can also use the Selection tool to create different shapes. Hold SHIFT to get a perfect circle or square.

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