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Thread: Merging layers.

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    Merging layers.

    I was doing a pastel painting and I had about five or six layers and then when I went to go merge all the layers I noticed the painting was little out of focus. Is that normal for it to do that or did I miss out on something or merge just a little at a time or just don't merge all the layers at all.

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    That doesn't sound right. Your painting shouldn't change when you merge layers, unless you used layer blend modes (which interact between layers, and don't change the actual paint) and that should not affect the 'focus'.

    It sounds like one of these things might have happened:

    1) you transformed a layer and possibly lost enough data quality to lose the crispness of the image (this can happen if you are working at a very small size, or make drastic changes, as there are not many pixels to change safely).

    2) You didn't step back and look at the entire image until now. Pastels are soft and fuzzy by nature, so can often look out of focus.

    If merging layers IS affecting your image, that's something we need to fix.

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    Well I did a test on it with pastels with three layers then I merge all the layers then I went back and forth with the undo and redo and I didn't see any difference between the two. I guess I did something that I didn't realize I did.

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    That's good to hear - but if you do see any similar issues in future, come back and let us know!

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    I just finished a oil painting and I'm guessing when I save it in artrage it makes a copy of the painting and sends it to the gallery in my tablet, there was quite a few of them in the gallery both oil and pastel, some of them were out of focus and some of them weren't. What causes the one that are out of focus.
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    The image in the gallery will be the preview image used for ArtRage's gallery. It should not be out of focus, can you tell me what version of the app you are using (Help > Settings) and on what device?

    Can you tell me what image type (PNG or JPG) the out of focus images are? Is there any pattern that you can spot? (Do the out of focus ones appear after saving a new painting, after exporting, after viewing the image in the ArtRage gallery?)

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    I'm talking about the gallery folder that came pre-installed with my tablet.

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    Yes, that gallery displays all the photos and pictures on your device, including the preview images that ArtRage uses inside the app gallery (because nothing else can display the PTG painting file it creates an extra image). If the picture in your normal Android gallery is blurry, then ArtRage either created a blurry preview, or you exported an image that was blurry for some reason.

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    Samsung gallery Tab A 10.1 with S Pen Android version 7.0. Again Artrage version 1.2.0. I'm not seeing any particular pattern. The out of focus image is in PNG. There's no pattern that I can spot. You said (Do the out of focus ones appear after saving a new painting, after exporting, after viewing the image in the ArtRage gallery?) The answer to all of those is no. Why is it when I export an image to the Android gallery folder it takes awhile for it to appear in it.

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    Okay, still not sure what is going on here. Your exported images should appear instantly.

    Are the blurry images *definitely* exported? For example, can you:

    1) create a new test painting
    2) save it and go to the ArtRage gallery from the menu in the canvas view
    3) switch out of the app and look in your Android gallery. Can you see a new image from your new painting? Is it blurry?

    If there is no blurry image:

    4) Go back to the ArtRage gallery. Tap on the painting you just saved to fullview it.
    5) Go back and check your picture gallery again to see if there is a blurry image now.

    If there is still no blurry image:

    6) Go back ArtRage. Use the 'share' option to Share > Export PNG to Pictures.
    Go check the picture gallery and see what is there.

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