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Thread: Brush Orientation - Brush loading bug

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    Brush Orientation - Brush loading bug

    Another oil brush loading quirk. It seems like even though a single brush is loaded with the same amount of paint, the total volume of paint laid down in a single stroke varies and is vastly different based on the direction of the stroke. This is a quirk of any wide and thin brush (aspect other than 100).

    At the top left are example dabs showing the brush shape for clarity. It is a rather slender ellipse. As can be seen in the pic, the total paint laid down is vastly different for a brush loaded with the same amount of paint, depending on which direction the stroke is made in relation to the orientation of the brush.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    To be fair, while investigating these brush loading quirks I noticed that (with a brush with stylus pressure off) heavy pressure lays down thicker paint quickly which is good, and lighter strokes lay down shallower paint more slowly allowing longer strokes. This, I presume, conserves the volume of paint for each stroke, so that it is consistent for every stroke independent of pressure (when the stylus pressure is OFF).
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