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Thread: Cheap Meat (critical work)

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    Cheap Meat (critical work)

    This poster was created as part of a competition about cheap meat and bad livestock, but was too critical
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    What did you do that in? (not that traditional paints is a bad thing). . . Reminds me a bit of tempera water based poster paints that we used in high school. Or you could have applied a paper texture that had some wrinkles in it to make it look that way.

    As to the style, it is pretty strongly negative, hahah. What were the parameters they gave everybody as a starting point? Maybe you overshot the mark because they were unclear in their directions.

    Anyway, on whatever level, I think you got some good experience here about targeting for social purposes and feeling misled as to the points they want to make. It's all a dance when one's work will represent others.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    I've completely done it in ArtRage5 with Essential Canvas A3 and oilpaints, for this post i took a smaller version where most details of the brushstrokes are not to see.
    I deliberately exaggerated, because most people got too used to commercial advertising. On first sight its a nice looking painting, but on second sight, when i have their attention, then there comes the "impact"

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