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Thread: MacOS 11.6 Big Sur, MacMini M1.Vitae

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    MacOS 11.6 Big Sur, MacMini M1.Vitae

    Quality control is terrible!

    Drag and drop a layer can go into a Folder that has it's contents hidden, then goes into Error loop, requiring Force Quit. Only App on my computer that requires Force Quit.

    Also many of the Dialogue windows do not respond to Return/Enter, and there is no Clue for those that do.

    To go into full screen you need to use Apples Green widget but to come out of full screen have to use Apps Double Arrows. and it's not proper fullscreen as that makes a new Desktop but Artrage doesn't, it fills up the current Desktop.

    The only redeeming feature of this App is the Oil Paint brush and the Air Brush.

    PS still waiting to be able to work on documents saved on my external drives, the M1 and Metal speed improvements.

    PLEASE fix this App.

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    Hi kaveman,
    Yes, the full screen toggle is a known issue and caused when having ĎRetina & HiDPIí support turned On in ARV's Preferences.
    On Macs, AR & ARV can have two forms of Fullscreen operation with slight differences in functionality between them.
    Using the appís Fullscreen toggle, leaves AR or ARV in the current Desktop Space and as such can be hidden using the standard key command of ⌘H.
    Using the Green OS button, AR & ARV will act as a new Space and no longer respond to the standard Hide command.

    I just tried Saving on a remote Drive with ARV and whilst I was able to do the initial save to create a file on it, all subsequent attempts at saving changes to that file failed with the attached warning. Is that the warning you get too?
    AR6 has no problems.
    Name:  Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 12.08.22.png
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    The Drag & Drop and dialog confirmation issues you are having may possibly be M1 or OS version related?
    Iím still on Mojave, on an Intel Mac and havenít experienced either of those two problems using Vitae.
    Can you give any more info as to which windows/panels that require a confirmation fail or is it completely random?
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