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Thread: right click problem after feature update Windows 10

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    right click problem after feature update Windows 10

    I have again a similar problem as I had in this thread:

    I can use the right click button on the pen for anything EXCEPT:
    It does not work for instance (like in above thread) when I rightclick on a color in samples (does not show menu);
    Also I can "tear off edge" the color wheel but once it IS off edge, the right click menu "stick to edge" does NOT come up anymore.
    Everything else seems to work.

    I went through all the options in this: , some of them were even worse like not being able to move canvas around with right click button or erase with third button...

    So I went back to the present settings where these two are possible, but no right click menu to "stick to edge" and no right click menu on specific color in "samples"....

    SO this all happened after the latest "feature update" in Windows 10... is it possible I need AGAIN a driver???

    ps I have AR5 & a SF4 & Windows 10 pro 64....

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    Windows 10 updates can sometimes remove or disable drivers, or reset their settings, it is possible that you just need to redo what you did before. Unfortunately it seems there is something unusual about your computer set up.

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