I really enjoy working with this program. I have Artrage 5 on a Surface 4 running Windows 10. I use the 'docking mode' UI. However, changing brush scale is a bit annoying.

Issues with current brush size methods:

1) If I use my pen to change size by 'mousing over' and then sliding from the 'percent scale' part of the bar, it is 50/50 whether I can get it to scale or it opens up the 'type in' scale dialogue box. I then have to close the box and try again.. and again.. The controls seem a bit fussy here. That combined with the lack of UI scaling makes changing brush size a bit like threading a needle. This method also lacks the ability to scale beyond 100%.

2) The shift key/drag to change brush size is great... if you are on a desktop. On the tablet I often hold it in 'portrait' rotation which disables the keyboard. I can open up the touchscreen keyboard for this, but it is a bit cumbersome to take the extra steps or leave the keyboard open.

What I would like to see:

1) Pen control over issue #1. Maybe have a 'tilted' brush not open the dialogue box? Also remove the upper limit of 100% when scaling here via sliding.

*Side note: If you want a built in limitation, like 'Hey, if you scale your brush over 100% then it may lag terribly or be unstable'. Then perhaps this is an interface toggle. Such as "Check here to disable brush scale limit. Use at your own risk."

2) Perhaps: Dockable slider element/area to change brush size.

3) Dockable 'smaller' / 'larger' buttons rather than a slider. This way you do not have a hard limit.

If I am missing a feature that solves this issue, let me know. I think this is am amazing program and am thankful to have a major program that is not subscription based.