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Thread: Is there anyway to change the cursor shape on the custom brush tool

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    Is there anyway to change the cursor shape on the custom brush tool

    Well the title says it all is there a way to change the shape of the custom brush tool cursor from a circle to the actual brush head outline

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    Or number keys - 1,2 & 3

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    Thanks for the answer. But is there a way to change the brush head to something like Photoshop or Kritas brush cursor where the cursor is the shape of the head of the brush instead of a circle or the precise cursor

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    Probably not the way you are asking for. This is largely because there isn't a fixed brush shape for most of the tools - the Outline will change to a square or a rectangle for some tools*, but the actual mark you make is going to depend on pressure and stroke direction, so it will never be a perfect predictor.

    *e.g. switch the oil brush or ink pen to 'Square head', the roller, the palette knife.

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