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Thread: Wacom keymaping an ArtRage 5.0.5 lite

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    Wacom keymaping an ArtRage 5.0.5 lite

    Hi all,
    I am having an issue with buttons on my Wacom pen tablet CTL-490 and ArtRage.
    On this tablet i got 4 buttons.
    I am able to configure buttons for many actions but when i try to configure redo/undo it wont work.
    How can i use Undo/Redo with buttons on my Wacom tablet?

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    Undo and Redo would be Ctrl Z and Ctrl Y (or CMD instead of CTRL on macOS, so you should make sure the tablet buttons are mapped to those options from the Wacom tablet end.

    If that does not work, go to Edit > Set Keyboard Shortcuts in ArtRage. Open the 'Edit Commands' group and check that Undo and Redo actually are using the shortcuts they are supposed to use.

    You could also map them to something else in ArtRage and on your tablet (anything you like) and see if that works - there might be an issue with Wacom recognising a particular shortcut and passing it to ArtRage.

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