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Thread: bump blend mode - change the default????

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    bump blend mode - change the default????

    The default in bump blend mode is "maximum".
    How can I replace it to "replace"? Is that even possible?
    I did a search before and could not find it. I also looked all the possibilities in "preferences", and could not find it....

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    Right click on the layer and you will be presented with a menu where you can select Bump Blend Modes - check the desired mode. You can also find it by going to Tools/Layer Options/Bump Blend Modes.

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    Thank you for your answer...
    Actually I did not express myself very well.
    I was wondering if we can change the default... (in this case, from maximum to replace, for example)... but I think defaults remain defaults....

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    Yes, unfortunately the default cannot be changed. You can change the bump blend mode and duplicate the layer as needed or create an empty painting with the settings you want already chosen if this is something you use a lot.

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