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Thread: Color sample cloning

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    Color sample cloning

    Been a long time since I posted anything in the forum...I have been working on color samples and exploring the color sets used in various POSTERS and ARTWORKS. then use the colors to paint my own paintings. this started out looking at the harmonious use of colors in various POSTERS and ARTWORKS that used a minimal color palette. I have created a sample palette from each of the posters for you to try...I have attached the relevant color (Col) file. I have also been working on more retro samples like the ones I posted a few years back ..please check my previous posts..all the best Chris.

    CA. Travel Posters KEW GARDENS.col
    CA. Travel Posters FRENCH ALPS.col
    CA. Famous Posters THE WAVE.col
    CA. Famous Posters OBAMA.col
    CA. Travel Posters YELLOWSTONE.col

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    Welcome back! I think these are a neat idea, downloaded The Wave and Obama first and they really reminded me of the pieces

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