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Thread: free palette grabbing app (iOS)

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    free palette grabbing app (iOS)

    I really like this app.... makes it easy to grab color palettes from paintings (mine or not) and use them for new projects

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    Thank you confusion I tried that a few years ago but didnt give enough colors but will try it again to see if its any better. l use Palettes now by Rick Maddy
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    it's also not free

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    Cool. Thanks for the tip.

    Just if you're using it for ArtRage (desktop for sure and maybe for other devices which I don't have to confirm it's written into those platforms), you have the option to import any pic, photo or art, in most standard formats = jpegs etc) and use that image you import to pick colors from. The pictures, simple or complex, become your palette. Plus it's cool to dip your brush into a pic you like, like a painting by Whistler or some calendar photo for colors. The only caveat is that the colors are starter colors. You will probably want to do some blending to get a fuller range. So you still have to be thinking like an artist.

    But when digital, the world of pictures is ripe for the picking.
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