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Thread: Wacom Tablette Graphique Intuos Draw White Pen Only Small who is using it?

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    Question Wacom Tablette Graphique Intuos Draw White Pen Only Small who is using it?


    I just bought the following graphics tablet: Wacom Tablette Graphique Intuos Draw White Pen Only Small

    I installed ArtRage Lite that came with my tablet and I do not know how to use my tablet to learn how to draw with it.

    is this someone used this tablet?

    Thank you


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    I'm sorry, I have no experience with this tablet. If no one answers you could look up Youtube videos.

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    To learn how to use a tablet just requires a lot of practice as your hand-eye coordination adjusts. In theory, all graphics tablets are pretty much the same, so as long as it is being detected in ArtRage properly, you do not need to learn anything special for the Intuos Draw (except what the shortcut buttons do and if you want to change them). So if it feels awkward or strange, you aren't doing anything wrong, you just need to get used to it.

    If you want to learn how to use ArtRage Lite, then:

    a) experiment, you can't break anything. Get used to drawing with the tablet itself and explore the different tools, the Settings and Presets and the Layers menu. Once you are familiar with the way it works, you can start learning about more advanced options more easily.

    A getting started guide to Lite (it's for an older version so the interface looks different but the guide still applies):

    b) Got a question about a specific feature? Almost any ArtRage manual or tutorial will work for ArtRage Lite, although some of the features will not be the same (basically, oils and canvas texture are the same in all versions of ArtRage but Lite may not have all the extra options to customize them). References, tracing images, canvas lighting, pencils, cloner tool, stencils - there are tips and manuals for all of these things online if you look them up. And we can answer questions here.

    c) Just want to learn how to draw? After you get used to the tablet and ArtRage, there are many drawing tutorials out there and you can follow both traditional and digital tutorials in ArtRage quite easily. Learning to draw is less about learning how to use a tool and more about learning how to actually draw and use colour.

    d) Want to do a very specific thing but don't know which tools to use? Ask and we can answer! Or explore the tutorials.

    There are some Lite-specific tutorial videos here:

    And many more videos in all versions of ArtRage:

    And lots of tutorials here:

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    Yes Bernard72 I just got 1 same as yours except mine is BLUE ok I only got it as the pens on my Wacom Cintiq Had stopped working so got it to fill the gap So had no need to go for the software
    I've done 3 posts with it the last today it was a bit hard for me as I normaly draw on the screen ok I just connected it to the laptop which feeds to the Wacom Cintiq and it worked with no problems OK
    But I see your talking with Hannah so she will sort it out for you OK regards Eighty CIAO SLAINTE

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