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Thread: Export Image File Fail

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    Export Image File Fail

    I painted this (snip off screen) ....

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    did 'Export Image File', and got this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like your quality settings are very low. Go to Edit > AR Preferences > Advanced Preferences and make sure the JPEG export quality is set to at least 75% (higher is fine, but will create very large files).

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    Just last week I made the same mistake in another application... slid JPEG quality "all the way" over... did not know I did it in the wrong "direction" until I opened the saved file... Problem stems from some programs having a slider for "quality" others for "compression"... of course more quality means less compression and vice versa... so sliders are tricky if you are in a rush!

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    I'm on the Ipad at the moment, so will have to crank up the full program later. I never changed it since the upgrade, but then, I usually paint on the Ipad. Must have been preset to low? Thanks Hannah.

    Edit: Yes, you were right; they were set at 0%, even though I never changed them.
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