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Thread: auto trace color off from image

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    auto trace color off from image

    I like to use a trace image and letting auto color selection be on. My issue is that the colors I get are not true to the trace picture. Botanicals are fine with the color being off a little. portraits are another story. I set my dpi to 300 and use the trace image for size. typically I then have to edit and resize canvas to get a larger picture so I don't lose quality when printing. I end up with very interesting skin tones (like purple).

    I'm a Newby so does anyone have any suggestions?

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    This is usually caused by 'photos are actually full of lots of colours' syndrome ArtRage will grab a colour from a pixel, but it won't be the *overall* colour you are seeing, especially with something like skin tones which are full of a lot of different shades.

    Are you using ArtRage 5? If you are, open the Color Sampler tool and play around with the selection area and try picking colours from your image as a reference image; you might find it much easier to get the 'right' colour that way - or at least see what the problem you are dealing with is!

    You can also adjust the way colours are picked from the image in the Custom Brush or try a couple of other tricks; see this thread for more details!
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    Thanks I will give that a try. I was wondering if it was a pixel selection issue.

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