Hi All, Apologies if this already exists in the forum somewhere. I've searched and found nothing specific.

My issue is best described with an example.

I'm painting a portrait and am using various layers for light values, dark values, the sketch and detail etc. After discovering that one of the eyes was out of proportion, I wanted to adjust it (just the eye) using the selection and transform tool (of course) and was hoping to be able to select all of the elements mentioned previously and change them together.

The only thing I could do after exploring menus and help files was to duplicate all the appropriate layers, take them into their own group, merge them together (since transforming the group of layers didn't allow me to select just the eye) and then create a select around the eye and transform it.

All I had to do was then hide the original layers and use the merged layers, correctly proportioned into the painting. It sort of did the trick, but now I can't adjust the individual elements of the merged version as I can in original layers. (Creates a whole lot of work)

Any ideas, or know of something I've overlooked. I hope this makes sense, basically all I'd like to do is create a smaller selection that covers a specific set of layers without the duplicate and merge.

Thanks ahead of time