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Thread: Any one else get the negative about painting in Digital.

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    Any one else get the negative about painting in Digital.

    Most when you explain Digital art get it. Think it's amazing , the versatility etc. Digital changed my world as I was useless with colour mixing & wasted so much paint & materials. Am self taught. So when was introduced to it, soon became obvious that this was the answer. But then you get the negative old school. Been accused of Cheating even...! Some old bat said "Oh that takes the fun out of it" On the contrary , adds to it. But she was having none of it. Asked her had she tried Digital..No & I wont. So basically told her till you try it don't knock it. Lot of it think is borne out jealousy. All in all it made me a bit cagey at first as sort got point where was scared to say was digital. But now with some good backing I am cool with it. I still sit & draw( old fashioned way) downstairs sat next to my wife so she gets to see me. Also I think spending too long at the screen becomes like the X Box...Play it too long & you go to bed still playing it or painting it when you go to close your eyes.
    So was just wondering what sort feed back others get & how they reply to the doubting Thomases as we call then in Uk.

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    There will always be knockers of anything computer driven, usually older people who are intimidated by new stuff.

    There's little point in trying to change their minds, they would be like that with anything that confuses them. I might add, I'm in my mid sixties, and the youngies love it!

    I've sold my prints at Artist Markets, and most people are totally fascinated when you explain, but even though my work is obviously not created with a simple push of a button, there will always be sceptics.

    Be proud of what you do, and also 'teflon coated', so the detractors don't erode the wonderful core of creativity we digital artists have tapped into! And, don't waste your time trying to convince them, they don't want to be convinced.

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    I find quite few my age like it too. I know few gone off tried it themselves & come back to me. I am same as you Copespeak. Selling on my stall.

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    Yeah. Digital by now is so ingrained into the Art World that the rebels have to go against something to define themselves. But it may be a resistance to the world changing right out from under them -- factories closing, independent farmers just about gone, overcrowding, and all the other shocks they're overwhelmed by and feeling helpless against those changes.

    So Digital is the new handle-less Establishment and representative of their piece of the pie shrunken to meager pickings. They're backward looking and I would venture that we've seen their opinions about their missing their youth and all the nostalgia that artists often feel connected to. So thus feeling assaulted in a grand way, anything that represents that particular loss of security and youth and careers and nude models whose feet are blackened by charcoal and so forth, they're sort of hurting but are putting on a face. If you talked about genetic engineered food or whatever, I'm sure they would bristle as well. And the ease of digital art where everybody gets to play may be to them a smokescreen saying that things are hunky dory where it hides the decay.

    And of course, there is also a very reasonable complaint from the anti-digital crowd which is that computers and technology killed (in my opinion enhanced) the art market in so many ways because everybody can do art now, talented and dedicated or not. So there's that resentment as well for people who had to work hard at learning the ropes and from that used to make a decent income compared to peanuts. But I think there's a deeper social component to the complaint against digital art that's way beyond art.

    But I think copespeak said it well, looking directly at the art tools and the first tier reason for the attitude.
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