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    I have just today found out about that other program called Rebelle 2. Nuff said, just watch

    I'm just putting it here because I know that many of my fellow artrage users are looking for the most authentic experience with traditional media, and I'm sorry but I think that in terms of authentic watercolour at least there is simply no comparison. I tried the demo so far, was very happy with it, going to buy the full version very soon.

    Rebelle 2 also features some very nice acrylics, very different from the oil paint avaiable in artrage

    Hope someone finds this interesting, cheers

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    Imma give their demo a spin later (the acrylic video looks kind of like painter's bristle simulation? nothing new there tbh), but lol at cоrel stealing particles from this company's flame painter, while failing to get decent watercolor simulation ripped off as successfully.

    I'm not sure this matters at this point, but watercolor improvements are on the way to artrage according to AndyRage's reddit AMA from last year. there were no dates announced whatsoever, but the current watercolor iteration was designed with maximized performance in mind; other packages might have more complex fluid calculations, but they aren't as resource modest as artrage.

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