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Thread: cloner

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    Is there anything in Artrage that can work like Autopaint in Painter? As a classically trained painter, who loves to paint freehand in Artrage, I take offense to anyone "turning a photo into a painting" with just a few clicks. but I've been approached to do some photo processing to give something the look of oil painting. The photographer knows that others are doing it in Painter, and when things pay well enough......

    Is that something that can be done in Artrage, or something that is in the works? I don't normally use the close tool in Artrge, but I tried it, and it seems to work more like the clone tool in photoshop.


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    You could probably get result similar to it using the Tracing Layer and a combination of the Sticker Spray and Custom Brush Tools. The Tracing Layer allows for the tools in ArtRage to pull the color from the tracing image superimposed over the canvas. By using oddly shaped brush types, you'd get an abstracted underpainting version of the tracing image, which you could then use your classical training techniques to clean up. For more on this, please see my response to this thread: LINK
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    Thanks I never thought of that, but in this case, I'm looking for something quick and not the least bit abstracted. As I said, I usually paint more traditionally, even in Artrage, but this is a "different" sort of project.

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    There are a few ways.

    To get the thick paint textures, paint underneath the imported image with thick oil paint, and it will show through above as brush strokes. Or you can paint directly into the imported layer with an empty (0% loading) Oil Brush or a palette knife.

    Here's a video in an old edition of the iPad app showing some techniques for that:

    For a customized 'repainting' approach, the custom brushes are probably your best bet, they are a lot more finely controllable than a normal tracing image + oil brush approach.

    Alternatively, you could experiment with filters. The Warp filter would let you tweak the paint around on an imported image, and you might find some Photoshop filters that will let you get the right effect.
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    Never knew this cloning feature via tracing paper was available in ArtRage... Interesting...

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