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Thread: Windows 10 + old tablet - pressure sensitivity

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    Windows 10 + old tablet - pressure sensitivity

    I'm using Windows 10 on a fairly old laptop (no touch screen) and with a very old Wacom ET-0405-U pen/tablet, and Artrage v 3.5.12. I'm amazed the tablet still works at all, and in GIMP, it's also pressure sensitive, with qualification, but not in Artrage. I've looked online and tried many ideas from putting no_ink.inf into the Resources folder to playing with input preferences but nothing has changed so far.
    I haven't messed with drivers because it's borderline working already and it was a fumble around to find drivers to get the tablet to work with Windows 10 to begin with, and that may tip the balance, so before I try that I'm putting the question out there in case anyone has experience with this particular set of circumstances - running the old Wacom with Windows 10 as well as Artrage. So one suggestion I haven't tried is downloading the Windows Vista drivers for the tablet.

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    Oooh, that might be tricky, Windows 10 doesn't really support old tablets very well (as you know!). Try downloading the AR5 demo and see if it works any differently? (It has more up to date driver + Win10 support and might play a little nicer with your set up. Or might be exactly the same!).

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