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Thread: A Question About Digital Painting Technique

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    Question A Question About Digital Painting Technique

    As I write, I'm looking at the thumbnails at the top of the Community page. They reinforce my question: How is the appearance of detail obtained? Does one paint on a large canvas and then reduce it for printing or viewing? I'm trying to paint on a 9 by 11 inch page and my strokes look crude, even with care. I am an intermediate watercolorist and I could easily handle this size with conventional brushes...but not with digital tools. I've looked at YouTube videos, but I can't grasp the scale of the work and tool size I'm seeing.
    Pencil sketches look fast and loose, but when the paint goes on, the precision comes in. Do any of you have a "formula" for tool size vs canvas size. For instance, I am currently working with a 20% oil brush and it seems very big on the canvas. In the videos a lot of zooming is involved, but when that happens do you need to pull the brush size down even more?
    In a nutshell: Is there an important (standard?) relationship of canvas size to tool size?
    p.s. : What does the percentage size of tools relate to? Canvas size perhaps? I know real brush sizes well, but I'm puzzled by a percentage (of what).
    Thank you very much
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