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Thread: iPad 2.3 update HELP!

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    iPad 2.3 update HELP!

    Help! I have iPad 12.9, 32 gb, WiFi only. My iPad has updated to 2.3 along with some smaller bug fixes and now when I try to open it it says "Performing first time Initialisation: Generating Thumbnails - 51/51" and it just keeps spinning and won't open!
    If I have to uninstall this update and go back to the old version I will but I don't see how I can do this as the only version showing in the app store is the new one!
    This is important. My profession depends on this app working properly.

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    Ignore my previous reply, we've found the problem and the next update will include a fix for it. This is caused by changes in how iOS11 and ArtRage handles shared files.

    Fix it by connecting your iPad to a desktop computer and use iTunes to remove all PTG files from the ArtRage shared document space, then try and start the app again.

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    Just a clarification to the process here: The problem occurs if there are files in the iTunes shared file space for ArtRage and the app thinks it needs to do a first time install. This isn't something we saw during testing because generally, the app only does a first time install if it was deleted before being launched, meaning there shouldn't be any files in the shared file space anyway.

    If you're using iOS11 you canwork around this using the Files app. Open Files and locate On My iPad on the left, then select the ArtRage folder and inside there either move all of the PTG files you see to another location or put them inside a folder you create in that area.

    Then launch ArtRage, it should do its first time start thing. Then you can put the files back in to their standard location and import them in to the gallery using the Import option in the gallery screen and selecting that location as the source.

    Thanks for everyone who sent us info on this, the fix is uploading and will be submitted for review tonight!

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